The spiritual ascension symptoms I experience

I consciously started questioning the true reality of my life some 15 years ago. I read so many things and tried out so many different stuff hoping to improve my life.  I was very young at that time, so life experiences added later to my growth and spiritual evolution.  I always believed that my life purpose is to awaken in this life time. I slowly progressed throughout the years until the September of 2015, when the true, awakening process with all the sings and symptoms I could only dream about started happening.It continued to be intense throughout the next year, 2016. Compared to what I am going though, all experiences in the past were just a game for kids.

I believe that most of you already know about the three waves of ascension, which started in the fall of 2015. The first ascension wave had huge impact on this world, which was then followed by many other important events, many different portal openings at certain dated, astrological events, planetary alignments and so on. I cannot even remember how many important events happened only in the last year. I am a person who does not remember exact dates and names, so please forgive me if I don´t write here exactly when these ascension peaks happened.

I love reading about what other people experience during this intense time of the great awakening. If you are one of those people, then you know what am I talking about. The whole year of 2016 has been like an emotional, spiritual and physical roller-coaster. Personally, it was one of the most intense and most adventurous year in my whole life.

What a ride! And I love it! And my ride is not over yet! It has only started!

My consciousness has been shifting and moving so fast, my body has been changing, my life is literally changing as I write! It is like I am traveling the whole galaxy, visiting and experiencing different aspects of myself, integrating them, changing a wide variety of how I perceive…well, literally everything!

I must admit that most of what I have been going through made me feel confused, regardless of my effort to stay focused and present in the endless „now“. So many times, I thought I know what was going on, but then in a couple of days I would be faced again with a confusion!  Again lost in the new and unknown energies and feelings! Feeling so strange!


When I read about other people´s experiences,  I often find answers in those stories. Many times, I discover that I have the same symptoms like others, it is just that I wasn’t aware of them until I read about it.  A couple of months ago, I read an article about common symptoms of this intense and speed-up awakening process many of us have been going through. I though to myself: “Oh, that is what I feel too!”  One of the symptoms described in the article was having a flu-like symptoms. I found that weird at that time and could not understand how the person differentiate between a regular flu and a “fake flu”.

The symptoms I have had, included very intense emotional outbursts and at some points very intense feelings of higher consciousness. A couple of times, I had literally throw up when I was emotionally cleaning, which was a physical reaction to a cleaning process of the emotional mess I had in my solar plexus. Every day and in each moment, I have simply followed and observed what have been going on within me on an emotional, spiritual and energy level. I would feel an uneasiness in various parts of my body, like for example a pain in the neck, pain in my right heap, or in the left knee, or in other organs. I would feel tense and unpleasant feelings in my stomach or in my heart.  I would then consciously try to find out what was the cause of the uneasiness, which emotional blockage was stored there and what it is that I am blocking or resisting. I would then focus on that area and do a healing work, either through the emotional release or an energy clearing. I also have had huge emotional release in my dreams too, but I will leave that topic to another time.

The whole year of 2016 was like this huge process in which I have been going through different stages of unblocking, healing, accepting the new, adjusting to the new, changing, integrating and implementing all of it into the ordinary life.  Every stage of the change came unexpectedly.  For instance, a couple of month ago, I was going through the process of unblocking my sacral chakra. It started as feeling the resistance to acknowledge the energy in this chakra. I figured that I was for some reason tense in that area and I was doing in unconsciously. When I allowed energy to go through it I figured that I needed to embrace my sexuality and not to be ashamed of it. I was not even aware that I was ashamed of my sexuality, because I never had any problems with sex. So I thought. I uncovered many issues there, which were altogether a programming coming from society and the way we were raised. I recognized that the same stuff has my mother, and that is probably why I had it too.  At the same time, many other people, especially women experienced the same thing. The healing of the sacral chakra opened huge desire to create things. I remember that my husband who also felt opening of the sacral chakra, suddenly became creative and wanted to make different meals and he wanted to make songs and to sing them to me the same way when we met and fell in love.  I  on the other hand suddenly started reorganizing my closet and drawing sketches to make new closets which we really needed in our household. The need for reorganization probably came from activation of the need to nurture, which is stored in the sacral chakra. Cooking fits in that too. The need to be creative something  opened up and I could see the same desire in other people as well. I really believe that we all are experiencing same things in almost the same time, because the changes are going on globally! Not only that!  I am positive it is happening on all levels of existence!  This process is so beautiful! It reminds me that every time I do some work on myself, it adds up to a global change! I also become happy when my friends make changes in their lives, because I know it will influence the change in my life too! Changes are happening simultaneously to all of us and it is just so beautiful!

The opening of my heart chakra has been happening in layers. I have been  clearing, healing and opening my heart throughout the whole year at different times and every time the need for it came unexpectedly. I cried a lot and crying came from my heart and I knew that it was important to allow myself to express the pain through the heart! The heart needs to heal and the huge emotional junk had to be released. Imagine all those times you didn’t cry  in the past, or when you were not allowed to say how you feel! It just had to come out!  I must point out that my heart was closed for the most of my life and I was not even aware of it. The process of opening was very slow and painful, I was opening and closing again for about five years. However, in this year I finally managed to stay opened!  Being opened in my heart is so amazing! It completely transformed my life. I believe that is why I called this blog ” The Amazing Heart.” I will also write about this experience in the future, because I want to share with you the adventures I am going through in my awakening process.

What I experience at the moment is the opening of my third eye chakra, which is probably the most difficult work from all other chakras in my body. Yes, opening of my heart was emotionally challenging, but the opening of the third eye required some changes in my muscles and bones too.  Thanks to my yoga classes, the spine have started to straighten up and I have been feeling a lot of adjustment in muscles and bones of my shoulders and neck. The massive aligning of my spine probably opened a channel between my heart and my head. The energy is now rushing in this channel and I can feel my heart is opening even more, and my head is pounding from all the energy coming from the heart through my throat chakra. The third eye opening required some additional energy cleaning which I have been experiencing for the last two weeks.  Imagine my surprise when I figured that I have a flue-like symptoms! My throat was soar, and my head dizzy.  I have been feeling a lot of energy in my neck, but also some pain due to very intense yoga exercises. I really believe that yoga classes came into my life so that I can finally align all of my chakras and activate energy paths in my body, arms and legs.

So, what do you say? Did you have any strange experiences? Come and share with me what symptoms are you going through. I will certainly continue to pay attention to what is going on in my body and will share with you.





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