Why I ditched conspiracy theory writings?

I do believe there is a great conspiracy in this world. I do believe there is some hidden force manipulating and using human race in the worst possible way. And I do believe that we live in times when all that truth is coming to the surface, when people are beginning to wake up. I also believe that it is important for people to learn about this stuff, to read about hidden agendas as long as they need in order to understand that the world is not the way we were led to believe. Then why I stopped reading conspiracy theory stories?

We are literally overloaded with conspiracy theory stories. Everywhere you look, especially on internet, you see a big lie or a hidden agenda. Those stories are just everywhere! You cannot not to notice them.  Believe me, I spent many years reading about many of those stories. And I read such a horrible stories about mind programming, tortures, aliens and various manipulation of human kind that you wouldn’t even believe. So why I don´t support these writing anymore? Because, I figured that it does not help me on my ascension process. It was useful in the beginning, but then I came to the point when I had to ask myself  “What now? What am I going to with it on a personal level? How is this information helping me to improve my life?”

Except for the fact that it helped me realize the world is not a nice place, I realized that I got bored by those stories and that they don`t serve me any good. Or maybe I just got tired because there is nothing new to read about out there.

As many of you, I did various spiritual techniques which served to help me unblock the energetic blocks, to break programmings, to change beliefs and to heal myself. The more I worked on myself, the more I  realized – that is the only thing where I need to put my focus! That of course, does not mean that I completely ignore what is going on in the outside world. But to be honest, I just don`t give a damn. I do not get attached to the information I receive anymore.

You might say: “You are so selfish! What about the Fukushima, and all the earthquakes, all the volcano activities,  and the possible Nibiru coming? What about all the wars, and most recent Standing rock tribe protests?”

I feel really sorry for all the pain that is going on in this world. As for the future speculations, I don`t give a damn. I believed that many events will happen and they just didn´t. It was just another way to make me stay focused on the outside of myself. You see, they want you to stay focused on the outside world as long as possible, because that is how you get distracted from what is going in within you. When you look outside, you use your logic and analytical part of your brain, which activates your ego and prevents you to develop your extraordinary senses which is a completely different matter. That is how you miss to notice subtle things which are happening right now within yourself, because we are in the process of the great mass awakening. And we need to be present and to pay attention to what is going on within. We are becoming more and more opened, and we start to realize that we have a “sixth sense” which is helping to see much more beyond these “conspiracies”.

The most recent story which really bugged me for some time was a story about the Flat Earth. After watching a couple of long documentaries about it, and accepting the possibility of it (it is really very very interesting, and I really like the subject) and trying to figure out what is then with the rest of the universe if the Earth was flat,  I realized that it really does not matter if Earth is flat or round, or hollow, or whatever. What is still the most important thing is that I am still focusing on what is going on within myself and that is the only thing what matters. And I know that the truth will come to me through me and not from others. The more I progress, the more I realize that if you want to get the bigger picture of reality, you need to open up your senses.

The true change of reality is happening when you are changing from within. This is not just a metaphorical phrase, it is not just another new-age bullshit,  but it is a universal law which we cannot quite understand yet. I felt what it is like to be in a reality where everything is falling apart, but I also felt what it is like to be a part of a new reality, the one in which you are the creator of your own life. I want to be a part of a new reality, and the only way I can do it is if I let go of the reality I do not want to be in. I tested it and it works.

They want you to stay focused on this mess, because that is how you help this mess to exist longer, and that is how they “remind” you that you don` t have a power over your own life. That is how they remind you that there is nothing out there, there is only this matrix and nothing else. That is how they remind you that you don´t have a choice but to be here. The new and more astounding information will come again and again and it will always entertain you for some time again and again. Yesterday it was the Hollow Earth, today it is the Flat Earth.  What is the point?  But if you want to change your life,  don´t waste your time. Don´t entertain your brain by reading yet another conspiracy theory story. It is useless. I mean, read what you need, but don`t get stuck to it! Don´t get attached to it! Maybe it´s true, maybe it´s not, it does not matter. You already know everything you need to know about this world. And, yes, it is horrible. But now it is time to focus on your personal evolution, because remember, the outside world is only a reflection of yourself. Change yourself, and you will start to see a completely different world. Look inside, feel yourself, because that is how you will know the truth.











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