Why is important to open your heart (chakra)?

“Open your heart.”

That is what I have been hearing all my life.

The phrase that keeps appearing in romantic movies, in famous songs, in religion, even in commercials, it keeps popping up just everywhere. Some people who wanted to give me an advise, also told me to open my heart, or to follow my heart. Everybody repeats this phrase, but it seems that nobody really understands it. Or maybe we never asked what it really means. I thought this phrase was only meant to emphasize certain romantic situation.

The truth is, I never really asked myself what it means to have an open heart. I remember noticing around those who are more sensitive than others, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

I think that we live in a world where most people are unaware of their hearts.

Not long ago, I was one of those people. My heart was closed most of my life! And I didn’t even know it!

I can’t remember when my heart closed in a first place, but it must be early in my childhood. It could be that it was an automatic self-defense reaction which I copied from my mother. It could be that I shut down, because she at some point became closed, cold and distant. And once I closed down, I was closed for a very long time. I isolated myself from others, I distanced myself from my family. That is how I emotionally protected myself from being hurt. And what hurt me the most was the feeling that I don’t fit anywhere, especially in my family. That I don’t belong where I am and that I don’t know how to go home. I am crying as I write this. I am still healing from this wound.

In the past, I thought that I was a person who can deal with emotions easily. But I was only shut down so I didn’t feel anything. Even other people considered me as a very balanced person who knows how to stay calm when is in the middle of the fight.

But the truth was, I was only appearing that way that way because I couldn’t feel what was laying deep down there.

I was so unaware of my closed heart that I was in a shock when I first learned about it! I just couldn’t believe it! I learned this from an observation of my best friend who is also on her spiritual ascension path. Until then, I honestly believed that my heart was open, because I believed that being a kind, friendly and straightforward makes me a heart-opened person. I never mean any harm to others nor I have any evil deeds or thoughts. I am always willing to help, and I am able to diplomatically avoid conflicts at any cost. In fact, I am a master of diplomacy.   Obliviously, I didn’t have any idea what it meant to have an open heart…

…until the the time came for my heart to open up again.

My heart opened for a first time in a very long time in 2011. I was in a life situation which obliviously helped me to open up again. My Higher-Self made this possible again.  I was in a circle of friends where I felt mostly safe and I felt like I belonged with them. They were my family. But I was so unconscious of many things at that time. I didn’t recognize those feelings, and I didn’t recognize how important is to have those friend in my life. I didn’t recognize that it felt like having a family.  And I totally missed to notice that my heart actually opened up again!  When I look back at that time, I remember that I was joyful and happy, and I remember that I didn’t analyze so much. It felt like my life was meaningful and I had a purpose. But I took all that for granted. So, my Higher-Self decided to teach me a lesson. It was a lesson I will never ever forget.

The life suddenly changed. I fell in love with my husband,  and I moved to another country to live with him, leaving all behind, my friends, my job, my home. I lost the genuine connection I had with my friends which resulted in difficulties I never imagined that were possible to happen. So, I shut down again. It happened again on an unconscious level.  And that was when I learned the truth about my heart.

From that moment, I started a painful and long journey to open my heart again. It was a process in which my heart was continually opening and closing,  depending on situations I was in. I have been dealing with many issues which were connected to the drama of my heart. I am still working on it. My heart responded like a fearful animal. When I felt threatened, I would automatically withdraw and isolate and my heart would close. Then I needed some time to open up again. It took me years to figure out how not to shut down, and what to do when facing painful emotions. I would not recognize when I shut down and it took many years for me to catch that moment too.

It was the year 2016 when I finally managed to stay open. I am not always opened completely, but at least I am not closed like I used to be. Even when I shut down, I would notice that right away and then I would work on the issue which made me shut down. What helps me a lot is the Ho’oponopono practice, although I am not always in the mood to do just that.

But the results that I am getting from opening my heart are vast, and I will happily share it with you.

The feeling of expansion in my chest area. 

When I first consciously opened my heart, I started feeling easiness in my chest. It felt like I could breathe more, like my chest is expanding, like there is more space in there. It brought a freshness throughout my body and a clarity to my head. My head fell lighter too.

Speaking from a heart.

I noticed that the way I speak changed. I was expressing my feelings too, but words were not just a mundane analysis based on a previous experience, but a channeled wisdom. I love writing and I noticed there was a difference when I was speaking from my mind, and from my heart. It feels like I am a different person when I write or talk from the heart.

Listening from a heart.

When your heart is opened, the ego deactivates. You are able to listen without getting into arguments. You can feel what other person feels, even though the words of that person does not match emanating feelings. You recognize the truth.

Crying from the heart.

Very soon upon opening my heart, I was able to cry and the crying was different from before. When I was crying before, that kind of sadness was coming from my lower chakras and it seemed that no matter how much I cry, nothing is changing.  I would feel exhausted afterwards. But when you are crying from your heart, you feel an ease afterwards. You feel energized and you feel like a part of you is healed, especially if you are simultaneously aware of the issue you are dealing with.  You know when they say that it gets easier if you cry out your feelings. It does, but only it its coming from your heart. Otherwise, the same issue will stay within and it will not heal.

Unconditional love.

I learned for the first time what is it like to feel unconditional love. Until then, I was only reading about it. I also started becoming more compassionate. Before that, I never ever felt love for any of my friends! I was attached to my friends, I did like them, I did want to have them in my life, but I never ever felt love for them. I also never felt love for any animal. I could not understand how people love their animals. In time, I was able to feel unconditional love even for people who I dislike.

I only felt what I thought was love when I was falling in love, but of course that is a completely different thing.

Feeling what other people and animals feel.

The other day, I was crying because I felt the pain of the mother pig, who just lost her piglets. That was the first time I felt such an emotion for an animal. For some time now, I can feel how other person feels and I can cry for that person. In the distant past, when I was closed, I considered that people who could cry for others is a nonsense. I could not understand it. Now I do. As a person who had a closed heart is somewhere in the past, I am so different right now. I don’t want to be that person ever again. Nice from the outside, but cold and distant on the inside.

Activation of other chakras.

The heart chakra is probably the most important chakra in your body. It is located in the center of your body and it separates lower three chakras from upper three chakras. When your heart is fully opened, the energy being generated in it (especially when you feel unconditional love) is send to all other chakras, feeding them with the energy and bringing alignment and balance to them. Most of the people have more then one chakras imbalanced, blocked or closed, but when you open your heart, the energy of it starts to go through all other chakras and it gets easier to heal. You are able to feel energies within your body and your chakras, and you become sensitive to your surroundings.

Basically, the true healing in me started when I opened my heart. What I have been doing in the last two years is that I simultaneously worked both on my chakras and my issues which were blocking those chakras. It has been a process in which I was jumping from one issue to another, going through emotions, feeling them in my heart, crying them out, healing. It was a long and a constant process and I was pealing layer by layer getting to the core of each chakra.  As I progress, I have been changing so much. And my heart is opening even more. My other chakras are healing rapidly and coming back into an aligment.

The long story short is – The energy from your heart is an unconditional love. By emanating unconditional love to other chakras (other aspects of yourself) you are basically loving yourself on all levels.


In the last year, I starter channeling too. I would get answers instantly which at first seemed like ideas popping up in my head. I didn’t realize at that time it was information coming from my Higher-Self. Many times it was general information which was a part of Akashic records.  I just though it was a part of my thinking process. But then I started “knowing” things about people, for no reason.

I first noticed this when I interpreted dreams. I am a dream interpreter and I have been interpreting dreams for more than 12 years. In the past, my dream interpretations were correct but were mostly based on Jungian theory and a symbolism of dreams. But when I started opening up, I suddenly could read much more of the dream! I would somehow read the energy of the dream and tell a person things that were not included in a dream. People would be astonished as I would tell them things they would not expect me to know. I started acting as a dream interpreter and a psychic at the same time! So even my dream interpretations became elevated on a higher level!

Doing my work according to the universal law.

Opening of my heart enabled me to discover new talents. One of the most important things is that I help people not from what I personally think (Ego/logic) but from a much greater knowledge coming from a Source. In that way I make sure that I am allowed to help  accordingly to the universal law. Of course, acting from universal law is something we all should be doing and it becomes possible when you open your heart and allow yourself to be guided by a divine wisdom. It is so amazing!

Manifestation in physical reality.

It just keeps getting better!  I have been testing the law of attraction and the law of manifestation for many months.  I realized that this works the best when I am fully opened in my heart and when I am able to express my gratitude and unconditional love for everything I have in my life but also everything I know I will get in my life. I had some very fascinating results, like for example many times I was in a financial problem, I received money in unexpected ways.

The life is beautiful.

This is what we all want. To be happy and to enjoy life! But it doesn’t come so easy, does it? We want this and that, because we believe it will fulfill our lives. But the fact is the true feeling of fulfillment is coming from the heart.

When I opened my heart I basically stopped worrying. In time, I stopped being dissatisfied with many things I complained about in the past and I became more and more calmed about who I am and where I am. There will always be things we don’t like and no matter how hard you try to change that, the feeling that something is missing will always come back. But an opened heart helps you to be happy with who you are and where you are and if you have any issues, it greatly helps you to solve those issues.

If you want to find out more about how to open your heart, click HERE.



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