How to work on opening and expanding your heart chakra?

Most of my life, my heart was closed. I didn’t even realize that until one day my best friend made an observation and told me that. I was in a shock! I have considered myself as a friendly person, willing to help, open-minded, good-mannered, optimistic, positively oriented, so I unconsciously assumed that I was a heart-opened person too! How wrong I was! It turned out that I totally didn’t know what it was like to have an open heart  .

Once I became aware that I need to work on my heart area, I started paying more attention to it. I intuitively started doing simple techniques to help me open my heart. This is how I did it:

  • Step one: Becoming aware of your heart area:

When I started working on opening my heart chakra, I simply focused on the center of my heart while breathing gently. At first, my focus was somehow running away from the center of my heart. It seemed like I had some kind of unconscious resistance to stay in my heart area. It must had been that I was afraid of my heart for some reason, or that I was avoiding to face things which closed my heart in the first place. However, I continued to do this now and then, no matter where I was. This was an intuitive and automatic practice I was doing when I felt that I was out of balance. Before that, the way I was achieving some kind of a balance in my mind was a simple practice in which I would close my eyes and simply focus on the center of my forehead. I would do that until I got the feeling that both hemispheres of my mind are in a balance. However, this didn’t balance the rest of my body. I learned that being in the center of your being means you find a balance within your heart. This practice was very calming and since it was so practical and I could do it at any time and anywhere, I happily continued.

  • Step two: Expanding the heart area:

At times, I would do a certain exercise I figured out myself. As I kept focusing on the center of my heart, I started feeling some kind of energy right there, right in the spot I was focusing on. Since I was able to hold this focus longer then before, I imagined that this was a spark of light, a tiny one. I would continue to focus gently on this spot, simultaneously feeling this energy while breading gently without any resistance. I would then start to imagine that this spark is getting larger, to the size of the tennis ball. The more it grew, the more energy I would try to feel. I would continue to breathe slowly and gently, while holding the focus on the heart area and focusing on the ball of energy within. Finally, I would expand this ball until it filled my whole chest and at that point, I would feel like I could breathe much easier and like my whole chest expanded. During the time, I noticed that I would feel more energy if I simultaneously feel the heart area but on my back, in the spine. It seems that it is true when they say that chakras are aligned with the spine, because I feel so much more energy in the back than in the front. You may try to do this if you would like.

This is actually the most basic activation of the heart chakra. It is also very enjoyable and it can certainly help you when you feel low, or when you need to relax. Since it is practical and you can do it literally anywhere, you can use it in a stressful situations like for example on your job, just take a few moments to do it and you will feel much better.

  • Step three: Listening to your heart.  

This step is more serious than the first two. When your heart starts opening, it will instantly let you know which direction you have to take. You will start to feel what you really do not enjoy in your life and what should you really do. It gets tricky, because you will have to be willing to deal with what bothers you.  This is where the real journey starts, because heart will naturally want to allow you to heal any area of your life and it will get you on the path to do that. If you are brave enough to follow your heart, your life will start to change drastically.  You will be more easily put into situations where there will be opportunities to solve your issues and inner conflicts. You will face things which hurt and this is when you have to pay attention not to close again. If you do, don’t worry. Just take your time and open up again when you are ready.

  • Step four: The unconditional love

At this point, you may already started to feel unconditional love. If you did, I recommend you to read about Ho’oponopono practice, which can help you to heal much easier and faster. This is where the true healing can start, because when you can emanate the unconditional love, you are able to accept without judgment. And when you accept, that you are able to forgive and to let go.

  • Step five: Crying from you heart

You might notice that you now cry more often, but this is not the same way like when you cried before. When you cry from your heart you will feel released. You will cry for the things which you didn’t feel before. You will cry for the pain of others too, for global issues, humanity, animals, the planet. You will cry for your friend, your mother, you neighbor.  You will cry for yourself, for the pain you experienced in the past, for the pain your inner-child feels. And all of it is just wonderful. When you cry from an open heart, you are allowing your body to let go of the emotional burden and bringing an alignment and balance to your being. You are healing.



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