What is the difference between the positive and the negative timeline? (How to know in which one you are?)

You probably heard about different timelines which exist on an Earth plane.The planet has been constantly switching between the positive and the negative timelines, especially in the last year. There might be more then these two possible timelines included, but there are two distinct timelines which are most likely to happen. The positive is the one which is generally leading this society into a better future, while the negative one is leading this society into a more chaos, some say even cataclysmic events.

Personally, I have been feeling the presence of exactly two timelines in the last six month.  I have been trying to understand the effect of switching from one timeline to another. There are still many things I do not understand, but I might have found some clues on how can I know in which timeline am I, aside from the fact that I have a positive intention and been working on raising my consciousness for years. What does it mean to be in a positive timeline?  How can we know what is going on presently, and in which timeline are we personally?

After of about a year of observation, I figured that these timeline’s switching is like a some kind of a war between the two most possible outcomes, between the human intentional focus to raise their vibration and change this world, and the evil forces which are lowering human vibration through manipulation, mind-control, mass media and the use of technology (HAARP, CERN…) in order to enslave humanity even more. Lets see how are these actions reflecting the timelines.

Basically, there is a timeline in which you want to be, and there is a timeline in which you don’t want to be. That is the most easy way you can figure out if you are in the right timeline! Do you feel generally ok?  It’s not perfect, but you feel calmed and at ease? It feels better than before? You feel relaxed and you feel like things are improving even though there is not much change in your physical reality? If you are, you can be sure that you are in a positive timeline!  It is the feeling which helps you realize this, and not the outcome.  It all starts with the feeling. The outcome comes much later.

But let’s take a closer look:

  • If you are in a positive timeline, your decisions are based on feelings coming from your heart chakra.  This means that you are consciously or not consciously following what your soul’s desire and you have a clear connection to your Higher-Self.  Your heart’s decisions make you aligned with universal laws. This provides a natural connection to Oneness activating the process of healing and the process of manifestation. Every actions you take which is based on your heart, will lead you to improvement and you  will feel that your life are getting better and better. In the negative timeline, your decisions are based on your fear and ego, and are being enhanced and manipulated by the evil forces. The action you take which is based on you ego, takes you into a more complicated situations, and you feel that your life is a mess. You make decisions based on feeling from your lower chakras, which usually follows insecurity, loneliness, etc.


  • If you are in a positive timeline, it gets so much easier to deal with your inner emotional blockages. You easily let go of all drama that has been going on in your life. You notice that people and things are not bothering you anymore, you are just not interested to be a part of inner conflicts or conflicts you see around you.If you are in the negative timeline, you are easily triggered to feel angry, resistant, sad, or to feel any other unpleasant way. Your ego kicks in and it gets so much harder to let go of an endless inner dialog, blaming other people or situation for your own misery. You cannot make a decision easily but end up analyzing and analyzing with no positive results.


  • If you are in a positive timeline, you feel that you are lighter, it is easy for you to stay open, to raise your vibration and you very often come to realizations of cosmic truths. You have more energy, your focus is better, you enjoy your life and don’t complain about the things you used to. If you are in a negative timeline, your body feels very heavy, you lack enthusiasm, you are closed and you have difficulties to do everyday chores. Your energy is low and you cannot get enough of sleep.


Finally, you are in the positive timeline, because you previously made an agreement with yourself, that you are going to navigate yourself towards the better future, your intention has been to live in a world of harmony and love, to get out of system and do whatever you really want to do, to be free of monetary system, to live in the nature, to eat and live healthy and so on.  Your intention is what puts you into a positive timeline. In order to stay in that timeline, it is important to let go of every possible attachment to the current known world. You have to change your beliefs which are holding you back and to be aware of those beliefs which serves you no good. For example, you have to stop believing that you cannot be cured, that you are getting old, that there are negative people around you,  that you are constantly threatened by the evil forces, that the world will upon the verge of a disastrous events, that a monetary system would collapse, and so on.  Basically, everything which makes you focus on the old, has to be changed because old cannot exist in the new. You cannot be in a positive timeline where evil simply do not exist if you still give an importance on their existence. That does not mean that you have to pretend they do not exist, just that you have to let go of your interest to read about them. If you have any kind of attachment towards the old, you have to recognize it, processed it and let go of it. On the other hand, you nurture your positive focus and a belief that your life is improving. That is how you maintain to stay in a positive timeline.

In fact, the future has not created yet. We are creating it by imagining what kind of life we want to live as a society in the future world. The more of us imagine that we are going to live in a paradise-like society, the greater the possibility that we are going to be successful. I very strongly believe that we are on a good way. It is the power of our belief system which creates reality. It is the feeling we get from wanting certain things in life to happen. That feeling is what gives the power to the manifestation of a desired reality. That is the reason why the evil forces manipulate and change our focus making us unconsciously believe in their goals. They put a lot of effort to distract us by showing us their goals in the Hollywood movies, stories, music, mass media, etc. They are showing us the possible future events in sci-fi movies, like for example a totalitarian societies or near future disasters. They manipulate present world-wide events, wars, poverty, sickness etc. to make us believe that is the only world we are suppose to live in. How many people are out there believing that there is no hope in changing this world whatsoever? They constantly bombard us with new “conspiracy theories” to make us stay focused on this world. The truth is, whatever you read about it, it does not matter anymore. It does not matter if the Earth is flat or not, if Trump’s wife Melany is in fact a man, or if there’s gonna be an alien invasion. It does not matter if there is going to be a monetary break down, an disastrous earthquake in California, or Nibiru coming to the Earth. Acknowledge what you read, but don’t get caught in it! Those are not the priority news.

What is the priority is to stay open in your heart and in the positive timeline! We can change the future! We are already doing it! Follow what it tells you and do not be afraid of anything anymore. Respect your emotions, respect your Ego, but do not allow them to control you.

Let go of eveeeeerything!

Let’s do miracles!



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