When the manifestation process will work, and when will not work?

The process of manifestation is actually like going to a supermarket where everything is there, sitting on shelves for you to have it, only you are not paying with the money but directly with the energy of unconditional love which you have to use in a certain way.

The key to the successful manifestation is about your state of being and the level of your awareness. 

It is about your awareness of what you really need, while not being attached to that need at the same time.

It is about asking what you need from the heart space, while not being selfish or greedy at the same time.

It is about being grateful as though what you need already happened, but being alright even if it does not ever happen.

It is about living the present moment, while not thinking or focusing too much on what you already asked for in a manifestation process.

It is not you who is creating any of what you wish, you are just inviting in your life what you really need and the Universe is providing you with what is already there.  

The other explanation is that you are just switching into a reality where your wish already came true. But in order to get what you need, you basically need to get to a right connection to the universal “internet” so to speak. You have pay attention to certain steps when you go for a manifestation process. This knowledge would naturally come to you anyway as a result of a new ascended understanding coming from your heart.

I have been experimenting with a process of manifestation for years, trying out all different sorts of things, but mostly just observing in which way things come to me. Numerous times, I would have an single, vague, not intentional thought about what would I really like and a second later I would forget about it, but then I would be surprised when that thing come to me the same day or days later! Like for example, I would suddenly feel that it would be nice to have an orange and in a matter of hours, a friend would come and bring them as a gift! Or, I would suddenly feel like to go into a nature and then later that day my friend would ask me to go for a walk into a wood! Alright, you might say that is just a telepathy, or a law of attraction, but does it really matters?


You can ask for something, and others are there to help you out with what you need, and on other times you have to be the one who will help others. We are here to act as conductors, channels for abundance. Many people who feel they do not have enough, often close themselves unconsciously, believing they cannot give to others because they do not have enough for themselves. But in that way, they only shut down the process of receiving and giving, closing the channel of abundance. So, become aware that whatever you need, you just invite the specific energy into your life only so that you can pass on to others.

It was in the last two years when I noticed and realized many subtle details which would influence the process of manifestation in either positive or a negative way. Here is what I have found:


  • Your desire must be from your heart!  When you desire from your heart, that is what you really enjoy and love and you listen to your true self. Your vibration state is going up and you are easily connected to the everything that is, and when you are connected to everything that is, whatever you do is improving the existence of everything, not only of yourself.
  • You have to imagine what would it FEEL like if your wish already came true! It is not enough only to think about it, but you need to “pretend”, like your desire already came true in the present moment. For example, if you would really like to have a car, then imagine the actual car sitting in the front of your house like it is really there, or imagine yourself driving that car feeling that you are really in the car, or imagine whatever comes to you which would help you to get the FEELING of that experience of having a car. That is the key. You have to metaphorically speaking “fool” yourself somehow that you are already EXPERIENCING what you want, in a PRESENT moment, and not the possible future. The time does not exist, so by doing this you will theoretically switch to the reality where your wish already exists!
  • It is important that your wish is something you believe is possible to happen.  In theory, you could try to manifest a trip to Jupiter, but the question is do you really believe that is possible to happen to you? Due to a restrictions of beliefs we hold, we need to operate with wishes we believe are possible to happen. Once you realize that the process of manifestation is really possible, your beliefs are going to break down and you will be able to invite more challenging experiences into your life. For example, you might want to have a really expensive car, but if you do not honestly believe you will get an expensive car ever, it will not ever happen. However, you can try to adjust your wish to something which you may find more likely to happen, like for example, to go for a car which would be at some level affordable to your standards (even though you don’t have money to buy that kind of car at the moment).

When I first started manifesting things, I could not believe for some time that it is really happening! I would be amazed and puzzled and still could not believe that I was doing it, but then as more and more things I managed to manifest, I finally allowed myself to make a step further and to go for the thing which were more challenging. And I did it! It was only my mind who needed to start believing that more challenging things can be manifest. I needed to push myself out of the borders of my mind.

  • Make sure you don’t condition the way your wish will manifest.  Allow universe to do that for you. This is one of the most common mistakes. For example, let say you want a car and the only way you believe this would be possible to achieve is if you earn more money. So instead of just imagining that you already have a car you want, you start imagining a better job. The point is, your mind will show you a limited possibilities to acquire what you desire, while the universe can provide you with solutions you would never think of!  So, do not complicated the way your wish will happen, just go straight to what you want! Don’t put restrictions or conditions, because in that way you are going to block the process of manifestation. However, it could happen that the Universe will provide you with the opportunity to make more money (in order to get a car) ! So, stay open for any possibilities and keep your eyes open to notice those sings!

I remember when I wanted to go on a holiday and I constantly tried to focus on making money so that I can pay for the trip and it just didn’t work. No money ever came to me and I didn’t understand why.  Until one day I realized I was projecting my wish in a wrong way! All I had to do is to imagine that I am already there, where I wanted to travel. So I did it. Unbelievably, the money came from many different sources and I collected more than I was hoped for in just a couple of days! Some money was borrowed, some came as a gift, some came from the part time job a suddenly was offered to do.

  • Being grateful for what you wish is extremely important. This is like a feedback to the Universe that you got what you needed and that your needs are satisfied. I will stick to the example with a car. Upon imagining what would be like to have a car, and feeling that your wish already came true, you need to show and feel that you are GRATEFUL for it. Feel in your heart that you are thankful because your desire already came true, because the Universe provided what you wanted. It already happened. Your car is sitting in your driveway and you know it happens in the way which was possible to happen.

In my experience, not everything was easy or possible for me to manifest. There are things I could do easily, but there are things which still do not come to me. I realized that the reason for that is because I have some inner beliefs which are in a contradiction with what I want, so when I try to FEEL that it is already manifested, I cannot have the full feeling of it like with other stuff I manifest. So, if you find yourself in the same situation, you may want to practice with little things which are easy for you.

The other thing you may do is to look into your inner beliefs and see if you have any blockages which are preventing you to fully accept what you asked for. For example, there are many people who want love, but they do not believe they deserve love. There are people who want more abundance, but all they do is think about what they lack, not being able to recognize what they already have. So, if you feel that you are stuck somewhere, you have to change your belief so that you can unblock the channel.

  • The last step is going to be the most difficult. If you successfully did all of the previous steps, the only thing that remained is to let go of this wish! I know, it may sound completely absurd, but there is a reason for that. Letting go means that you do not want to get stuck with your wish, or to be attached to that wish. You need to “forget” about what you want, and continue to live your life undisturbed by the possibility that your wish might never happen. You need to be ok in your heart, that if your wish happens it will be fine, but if it doesn’t, you will be equally ok as well. The point is not to be attached to your idea because attachment creates ego thinking. If you are attached to your wish and it is just not manifesting, it will create dissatisfaction, which will then influence the joy of your life. And ego thinking will not accept any other way then its way. So, you just stop thinking about what you wished for, and continue with your day, being present in the moment and not thinking about the past or the future, being content within your heart. So what if you don’t get a car. You have lived without it just fine. But if it comes to you, great!

There is one more trick when making a wish. I will again stick to the example of wanting a car. Lets say you want a car. Ask yourself why do you want it? You might want it because without it you feel like you cannot move around, like you are isolated in your house and there are no people to hang with around you. You believe that having a car would allow you to move around freely, making new friend, going to shopping and so on. In this case, it is not a car you really want to manifest, but the experience of not being restricted to move around! This is something you have to pay attention to, because if there is an inner blockage which is preventing you to move around (like for example, you are afraid of new experiences, meeting new people, etc.) then it is likely that a car wont happen, because you are sabotaging it. If that is a case, then you need to remove the inner blockage first. Make sure you know exactly what you want and why.

Here is another example, which is very common. We live in a world where money is considered to be a tool for manifestation basically, it is needed for everything to happen. That is an illusion of course, since everything in the universe in energy, so the link between your wish and the manifestation should be direct, no in-between tool is needed. We often think it is money we need to manifest, but in fact that is only a tool to get to something. Instead of focusing on your money, you may try to focus on the very thing you desire.

Finally, the most important thing for the manifestation is a realization that you do not ask for an object, but for an experience itself!

A successful manifestation comes from a realization that we are actually seeking the specific experiences, not objects!

The more aligned your wishes are with your heart and with the universe, the more possible is that your wishes will manifest.

Also, the more successfully you manage to:

  • Feel (experience) like it just manifested.
  • Be thankful like you already got what you needed.
  • Let go and continue with your everyday whereabouts.
  • Stay open in your heart and emanate the unconditional love as much as possible!

the sooner your wish will manifest.

From my own experience, I managed to manifest what I needed in a couple of hours, that was my record so far. 😀


The manifestation process will not work if you push things to happen, if you are impatient and cannot stop thinking about your wish. It will also not happen if your wish influences other peoples’ free will or if it is in contradiction with your other ideas. It will not happen if you do it from your fear of not having enough, or from any lower vibrational emotion or though. I am pretty sure that I do not have to point out that this will also not work if you try to do something bad to others.

Keep in mind that a manifestation process sometimes requires your action! So, in some cases you will not just sit back and wait for the things to happen, but you will have to recognize the steps you will be provided in order to get to your goal!

Also, have in mind that we currently are in a transition process of leaving behind the 3d-dimensional state of consciousness and are rising our consciousness to a higher levels of existence where abundance is a perfectly normal thing. During this transition we still have things to solve within ourselves, we still have to learn many things and to become more open in our hearts. We need to start believing that all that we need is truly accessible. Our needs must come from our hearts, not from ego. Learning how to manifest is a process and it takes time. It is a life-changing game and it definitely changes you as a person.

Aniko Budai


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