The expansion of the soul.

That is how I would call the process I am going through right now. Probably just like many others in the world. It feels like expanding in all directions. It feels like becoming a brand new person, but older, wiser, more experienced.

We have been sleeping for a very long time. We fell asleep long time ago, and forgot that we are in a dream. This life is a dream, and I want to wake up. But the process of awakening is happening gradually, because if we wake up too soon, it would be too shocking. We are adapting and changing slowly.

What does it mean to go through the awakening process?

For me, the awakening of the soul means you start to fully enjoy your life. It finally become so much easier. You don´t have to struggle to survive, and you don´t need be tortured by painful emotions or traumatic experiences from the past, because you have been clearing all of it.  And if you do feel the pain sometimes, it becomes  much easier to go though it and to heal.  You feel your senses are opening up and your perception of reality greatly changes, you can hold a much wider view of reality which gives you a feeling of enrichment and fulfillment of the soul. And it just makes you happy!

All the new stuff you learn about yourself, gives you a pleasure and it is just fun to learn so many things! You start to feel that your body becomes lighter, as thought the gravity doesn’t pull you down so much. It gets easier to move around and you have more energy and willingness to do whatever you want to do. You don´t get tired so easily and you don’t bother so much about the future. You live in the present moment. You enjoy the moment.

Your mind becomes clear, you don’t overthink and overanalyze like you used to do. There is no need for that. The information you need comes as a realization in your heart. There is so much space in your mind which comes with a great relief.  Suddenly, you are able to see and feel things you were not aware of. Your heart is opened and you “feel” things and people around you with full intensity of your heart. You can feel both joy and pain of others. You feel what others think or feel. You notice the difference when your heart is closed and you don’t like it. You feel so much vibrant when you are opened. You feel things in your body as well.

When you face things which bothers you in any way, you know how to deal with it, because you know that everything around you is a reflection of yourself. You know how to accept things, you are grateful for everything that comes into your life and you know how to forgive. You know how to let go. It comes naturally to you because you understand the process of integration. The more you integrate, the more you expand. The more you expand, the more you become aware of who you really are. You start remembering.

It is just so wonderful!

This blog is a collection of my experiences I am going through which are meant to inspire you and to let you know that you are not alone in this process.




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