What is the difference between the positive and the negative timeline? (How to know in which one you are?)

You probably heard about different timelines which exist on an Earth plane.The planet has been constantly switching between the positive and the negative timelines, especially in the last year. There might be more then these two possible timelines included, but there are two distinct timelines which are most likely to happen. The positive is the one which is generally leading this society into a better future, while the negative one is leading this society into a more chaos, some say even cataclysmic events.

Personally, I have been feeling the presence of exactly two timelines in the last six month.  I have been trying to understand the effect of switching from one timeline to another. There are still many things I do not understand, but I might have found some clues on how can I know in which timeline am I, aside from the fact that I have a positive intention and been working on raising my consciousness for years. What does it mean to be in a positive timeline?  How can we know what is going on presently, and in which timeline are we personally?

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Why I ditched conspiracy theory writings?

I do believe there is a great conspiracy in this world. I do believe there is some hidden force manipulating and using human race in the worst possible way. And I do believe that we live in times when all that truth is coming to the surface, when people are beginning to wake up. I also believe that it is important for people to learn about this stuff, to read about hidden agendas as long as they need in order to understand that the world is not the way we were led to believe. Then why I stopped reading conspiracy theory stories?

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The spiritual ascension symptoms I experience

I consciously started questioning the true reality of my life some 15 years ago. I read so many things and tried out so many different stuff hoping to improve my life.  I was very young at that time, so life experiences added later to my growth and spiritual evolution.  I always believed that my life purpose is to awaken in this life time. I slowly progressed throughout the years until the September of 2015, when the true, awakening process with all the sings and symptoms I could only dream about started happening.It continued to be intense throughout the next year, 2016. Compared to what I am going though, all experiences in the past were just a game for kids.

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